What is a CRM?

The initials are for ‘’Customer Relationship Management’’. A CRM main role is to put together in one system all aspects of interaction that a company has and needs with its customers, whether it is a sales or service related business.
At Alfatech Corp, we see it as a Business Strategy.

Benefits of using a CRM system:

  • Complete view of your company
  • Effectively build and maximize profitable relationships and customers interactions
  • Manage of customers’ contact information
  • Efficient coordination and organization of the customers’ sales and/or services
  • Integration with Outlook Email
  • Inventory management
  • Clients’ invoicing creating and management
  • Boost new business and sales leads
  • Increase of the customers Satisfaction

You don’t have to worry! Alfa Tech Corp will install, configure and host the CRM software for your company. Our business Philosophy focuses on always looking forward to have the best business relationship with our customers. We are here not only to help you, but to also understand all your needs.